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The following doulas are active doulas in the Westman area. Each doula works independently from, and must be contacted directly for availability. A brief bio accompanies their picture for your convenience. does not promote any doula over any other, and will not contact them for you. We encourage you to contact as many doulas as you want to find the right fit for you and your birth!

A birth doula accompanies pregnant persons and their partners during pregnancy, birth, and immediately postpartum as continuous knowledgeable physical and emotional support. A doula complements the role of the partner and supplements the role of the care providers. A doula is an important part of your birth team, and wants you to have an empowered, informed birth experience.



Spirited Soul Birth Services is Westman's first Doula Agency. We are a group of three doulas currently, all passionate about helping empower women to achieve a satisfying birth experience. We acknowledge, honour and respect the power of birth as an experience the birthing person will remember their entire life, and are constantly humbled by the people who allow us to be a part of their birth space. We work in teams of two to ensure you always have a dedicated, familiar team member available for your every need, and our combination of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for birth makes us a top choice for doula services in Westman. Spirited Soul is owned by Sheri Reimer.  Our doulas include Sheri (Birth & Postpartum Doula, Prenatal and Infant massage therapist (RMT)), Kelcey Gillingham (Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor), and Tiffany Thiele (Birth & Postpartum Doula). Please visit our website for more information about us, our doulas, our services, and the amazing service combinations we are able to offer our clients!

Contact us at, or call or text 204-573-2038



Vicki has been fascinated with pregnancy and delivery since she had her own first child in 2008. Vicki began on the path to becoming a doula in May of 2018 by taking the DONA International birth doula training and has completed her Birth Doula DONA certification.  

Vicki has had a variety of her own birth experience giving birth 5 times to her children ages 10, 8, 5, and 3. She also helped another family grow when she carried a surrogate baby and delivered him to his loving parents in April of 2018. As part of that process she has firsthand involvement with dealing with individuals struggling with fertility, IVF processes, and miscarriage and pregnancy loss. These experiences have helped shaped her into the big hearted care provider she is.  Vicki’s true passion is maternal mental health and she looks forward to watching her career evolve and the future hopeful projects and directions she plans to take.

Vicki recognizes that sometimes things don’t go as anticipates and feels passionate about helping families accept the circumstances they have whether in the moment or after the fact. Every woman who wants one should have access to a doula, is a dream the doula community strives towards.

contact info: 
@vickisturgeon_doula on Instagram 
phone or text 2047615162 



Kelly is a mother of 2 and has always had a passionate interest in labor and delivery. After being given the honor to attend and help with 2 other births it solidified her decision to train as a birth doula.

She took the DONA International Birth Doula training in May 2018. She has also completed the DONA approved breastfeeding course.

Kelly is excited to pursue her passion while helping mothers and families achieve the best birth experience possible.

Contact Kelly at



Alyssa is a Family Service Worker who graduated in 2015 from the University of Manitoba with a Degree in Family Violence and Child Development. However through working with families within our social services Alyssa has found a love for birth and supporting families through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Alyssa was trained in 2017 as a Doula with the Manitoba Indigenous Doula Initiative and then completed the DONA International approved training in May of 2018.
She believes that every mother and family should feel empowered throughout their birth and loves helping them create a safe, supported environment to bring their babe into this world!


My name is Amber Vickerman and I am a mom to 3 little kiddos (5,3,1).  I recently finished my Doula course in Jan, 2022.  Even though I am starting my doula journey, birth has been my interest for many years.  I attended my first birth in 2012 and I was in complete amazement of how powerful birth is.  Then I found birth photography and my world changed.   


Have you heard the word Doulatog????   A Doulatog is a doula and birth photographer


I am so excited to be bringing both these services to Brandon MB. I am currently the only Doulatog in this area! 


I offer free no obligation consultations....we can have a coffee and chat!!  If you have any questions, please reach out to me.


Contact Info


IG @ambervickerman_photography

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